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The JDO Foundation, located in Littleton, CO, is a 501(c)(3) educational non-profit organization whose mission is to provide an enriched educational experience for U.S. and International elementary classrooms by providing state of the art technologies and professional training to the educators managing these technologies.


JDO’s goal is to partner with schools and have a multifaceted impact.  The Foundation is capable of providing a range of the technological support and services as outlined below:


  • Technological infrastructure hardware to support Chromebook and iPad devices.
  • 1:1 devices for participating students and their teachers.
  • JDO developed onsite and online professional development.
  • Mobile device management for applications and device tracking.
  • Global Partnership Program collaboration opportunities.


In 2016, JDO launched the Global Partnership Program.  This program partners U.S. and International classrooms for 1:1 global collaboration opportunities.  We are thrilled to have 36 Global Partner schools throughout the U.S. and Europe committed to this three-year program.  This cutting edge long-term integrative model pairs teachers and facilitates the identification of co-curricular areas for collaboration.  Teachers jointly develop an implementation plan which ensures weekly written and monthly live activities for student collaboration throughout the school year.  Please see our Global Partners tab for a complete list of partners and resources.

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